Diet for skin? Minimalism!

Diet for skin? Minimalism!


PyunkangYul is a brand created by the famous Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic, which deals with atopic skin diseases. The manufacturer has disposed of all unnecessary chemicals and left only those safe for skin protection. By using these products, you will provide relaxation for exhausted and irritated skin. The most important in these preparations is their COMPOSITION! Each product contains from 5 to 15 ingredients !!!!! That's very little! Consequently, the concentration is higher and the efficiency is better. The brand's concept is "to create conditions for the skin to heal itself."

The composition contains no water, which is absolutely great. The main ingredient used in this cosmetic is Astragalus root extract.

Very stylish simple packaging. Soon there will be another novelty - a long-awaited shampoo with amazing structure and incredibly dense foam, after which you will no longer need balm!