Korean cosmetics for face washing

Korean cosmetics for face washing


Facial wash products - the foundation of any skin care. Dirt, cosmetics things and skin from peeling are removed during washing. Purification improves blood flow and oxygen access to the skin's basic cells, improving skin regeneration and removing excess grease, which contributes to bacterial growth.

Types of Korean cosmetics for face washing

Korean facial cosmetics are available in the form of foam, gel, oil or a universal cleanser. Each of these means has its own specifics:

- Facial Wash Foam has a light structure suitable for morning and evening hygiene, easily removes decorative cosmetics, dust, grease, and the top layer of peeling cells. It is suitable for all skin types, it does not irritate sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies;
- Facial wash gel has a thick consistency, well cleans oily and combination skin. It is used for thorough cleaning before peeling or for daily care of young, oily skin;
- Facial Wash Oil - A product for cleaning skin prone to dryness and irritation, it is also suitable for removing makeup or BB-cream. It can be applied in everyday care before using a foam or universal cleaning product.
All these products, in addition to the basic cleaning substances, also contain special substances, selected according to skin type. Young skin cleansing products contain salicylic acid and menthol, and sensitive skin cleansing products - chamomile extract, marigold and other soothing ingredients.

Choosing the right cleaning product and not only will you help our Beauty Effects consultants.