Korean cosmetics- how to use

Korean cosmetics- how to use

The Korean approach to facial skin care differs in its particular sensitivity. In this country, beautiful skin is a sign of high social status, so every girl has been learning skincare skills since her childhood and getting to know cosmetics. Cosmetologists and centuries of experience in delivering facial skin beauty have developed a universal formula of care: cleansing, toning, application of special ultralight products - serum, essence, hydration and nutrition. If you use Korean cosmetics exactly according to this scheme, your skin will get even color and unprecedented silk.

The secret of success, how to use Korean cosmetics

The whole secret of eastern freshness is hidden in multistage care. Each additional cosmetic product is applied only 3 minutes after the previous step. Thanks to this approach, natural cosmetics penetrate the deepest layers of the skin as much as possible and prepare the skin for the next level of care.

Such layering of products does not endanger even the most sensitive skin, as all cosmetics are hypoallergenic and are made only from natural ingredients. Fifteen minutes of time dedicated to your skin in the morning and evening and your skin will shine with even color and blinding freshness.

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