Korean cosmetics for eye area

Korean cosmetics for eye area


A few years ago, Korean eye cosmetics appeared on the European market and almost immediately gained popularity among buyers. The great interest in it is explained by many reasons. One of them is the ratio of low price and excellent effect comparable to using more expensive brands.

Special features of Korean cosmetics for eye area

Main characteristics of creams from Korea:

They contain only natural ingredients. These are collagen, honey, snail filtrate, green tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, milk, bee venom, rice water, snake venom and rose oil. Such a composition reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
The visible effect is apparent after several applications. Reduction of dark circles under the eyes and swelling around the eyes, deep nutrition and hydration, skin smoothing. High nutrient concentrations effectively combat wrinkles.
Creams from Korea are characterized by their healing and gentle properties. They absorb quickly enough and leave no greasy marks. Shape products on the lids - vials, roll-ons and jars. Economical consumption allows prolonged use of one package for a long time.
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