Royal Skin Real Mud Mask 25 g

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Brand: Royal Skin

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Moisturizing, improving complexion, improving elasticity, nourishing, managing pores, strengthening skin barrier.

A mud mask that does not require cleansing!
100% Boryeong Mud Coating technology applied sheet mask to keep your skin clean and healthy skin.
It is coated with a real mud, not an extract.
It is a real mud mask that can be cared for in one sheet.

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100% Boryeong mud-coated sheet mask protects skin from external stimuli. Skin cleansing. Mud directly touches the face and cleanses skin from excess sebum and skin wastes. All-in-one care essence that adds synergy to various effects of mud including moisturizing, nutrition and pore management that makes skin healthier.


After cleansing, prepare the skin with toner. Open the pouch and place the sheet on the face with the aloe powder side contacting the skin. Leave it for 10-20 minutes before removing the sheet. Pat lightly to absorb the remaining essence on the skin.


Mud moisturizes skin with natural moisturizing factor and collagen activity. Rich natural minerals nourish skin helps to improve skin troubles by antibacterial effect. Helps clean skin by removing unnecessary wastes from pores. Lavender flower extract protects skin from external harmful substances and helps maintain healthy skin.
Bergamot leaf extract helps restore skin condition and helps to revitalize skin. Peppermint leaf extract helps to calm and manage troublesome skin, keep moisture in skin by preventing moisture evaporation. Freesia flower extract protects skin from free radicals and promotes vital, resilient skin. Chamomile flower / leaf extract helps relieve skin by relieving the tension of sensitive and sensitive skin. Rosemary leaf extract adds vitality to skin and helps manage and ease problematic skin.

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