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Royal Skin is a cosmetic brand specialized for facial mask and patch that help recover your own beauty hidden inside you for realizing ideal beauty of numerous different people.

Junmok International Co., Ltd. has been distributing and researching cosmetics only, believing that cosmetics is its vocation since its establishment in 1997 and created 'Royal Skin' the brand for realizing fundamental beauty and ideal appearance of human, on the basis of its knowhow.

The manufacturer of patch products supplied to Royal Skin has 9 patens registered for hydrogel mask pack and performs business activities on high-functional cosmetics, patches for sanitary aid, bio-active materials with its technical skills for producing high-molecule hydro gel and adding active ingredients. Royal Skin can now provide its customers with more excellent products made by a company that has acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22716 certificates (*ISO 9001: Quality assurance / ISO 14001: Environmental management system / ISO 22716: International standard of excellent cosmetics production and quality management).

'Bio Cellulose' products of Royal Skin adopted dry mask sheet so as to provide a solution to the preservative treatment of moistened mask sheet on sale at present, through patented technical skills of production and manufacture and are made exceptionally special with the application of non-preservative-treatment techniques to all processes from the material to essence of mask sheet. You can experience Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet, produced by 100% axenic and non-preservative-treatment system, at Royal Skin for the first time in the whole world.

(Patent no. 0423092: A method of production of microorganism cellulose by mixed culture / Patent no. 10-1371379: A method of production of dry bio cellulose)

We will promise you that we will create and develop products satisfying various needs of customers so as to prevent and provide a solution to problems of skin.

Royal Skin, existing for realizing genuinely beautiful skin, will grown into a skin protector which does its utmost to help recover true beauty hidden inside our skin through stable and safe products.