Terms and Conditions 
1. General conditions
The operator of the Internet store www.beauty-effects.com is:
Beauty-Effects SK s.r.o., represented by Bc. Maryana Imenova
Karpatské namestie 10A
83106 Bratislava
ID: 50907310

1. The Buyer is any natural or legal person who in any way contacts the Seller with intent to purchase goods offered by the seller. The Buyer is also any natural or legal person who in any way contact the seller with a request that the seller delivered the goods with the intention to purchase of these goods. By using the website of the internet sales seller and confirming the order gives the Buyer agrees to these Terms and Conditions. The contracting parties are bound by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act No. 102/2014 in the sale of goods to on the basis of a distance contract.

2. Ordering goods
All orders placed through www.beauty-effects.com are obligatory.
By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he / she has read and understood these terms and agreed. This order is a draft purchase contract. The purchase contract is valid till the moment of receipt of the ordered goods buyer. The condition of validity of the electronic order is to fill in all the required data forms and essentials. The place of delivery delivery of the goods is the address given by the buyer in the registration form.

3. Privacy
In order to deliver the ordered goods, we need to know the basic personal delivery data. All of them we will use your personal information solely for our convenience and will not disclose it to any third party. Data please write grammatically correctly and use diacritics. Also telephone contact to you is very necessary. If after receiving your order you do not receive an electronic confirmation of receipt of the order, it is likely that your email address is incorrect or unavailable. In this case, please contact us by phone, otherwise we will not know about your order.
As a customer (individual), you must provide the following information:
• Name and surname
• Full address (s) of delivery or billing address (if applicable)
• Phone contact / phone must be available /
• E-mail address (e-mail)
This information is necessary for your identification as a buyer. We need them to place an order and charging your payment for goods purchased, communicating with you and delivering the correct delivery ordered goods. If you wish to deliver the goods to an address other than the address listed in the order, you can also specify a different delivery address (e.g., you will be at a different address at the time of receiving your shipment, or a gift). In case of payment by bank transfer, the goods will be sent to you only after the payment has been credited to our account. This information will enable us to prepare a complete tax document for you, or to identify your payment bank transfer. Information about your e-shop purchases, your orders are collected. This is needed for reinsurance delivery of goods, handling any complaints and eventually serve for your feedback control. Information about Your purchases are not provided to a third party. If you become a customer of the online shop www.beauty-effects.com, you give already when confirming the order confirmation that the data about you and your purchases will only be collected and used by us. The rules for handling this information are described in this document. Our E-shop does not provide does not rent or otherwise provide your data to a third party.

4. Order cancellation
Order cancellation by the buyer: after binding order confirmation, the order can only be canceled in the event that the seller does not meet the agreed delivery conditions, or even before the goods are dispatched.
Order cancellation by the seller: The seller reserves the right to cancel the order, or part thereof, in in the following cases: the goods are no longer manufactured or delivered, or the price has changed significantly the supplier of the goods, or its declared availability. In the event that this occurs, the seller will contact the buyer immediately to agree on further action. If the buyer has already paid part, or the full amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his account without delay.

5. Delivery times and conditions
If the delivery time is not specified for the product, the seller shall deliver the goods to the buyer within 10 days at the latest.
Usual delivery time for:
• Goods in stock - 3-4 working days available immediately.
• Goods in stock - external stock, delivery time is stated for goods /pr.10-14days/
Delivery of the subject of performance (ordered goods) will be subject to availability of products and operational possibilities
Seller made within the shortest possible time, usually within 3 working days of receipt of the order in in the case of cash on delivery, or within 3 business days of receiving the payment to our bank account in case of payment bank transfer.
The delivery of the subject of performance to the specified place is considered to be the fulfillment of the delivery. For courier address delivery, in the case of mail, the local post office.
Price for delivery of goods is within the Slovak and Czech Republic:
By courier DPD 10 EUR
Mail order 8 € / cash on delivery + 1 € /
Slovak Post 6 € / cash on delivery + 1 €

6. Payment for goods
• Cash on delivery when receiving goods. You pay to the delivering courier or at the appropriate courier post office.
• Payment by bank transfer. Goods are then delivered only after the amount is credited to the supplier's account, without additional charges. We deliver the goods through shipping companies in accordance with shipping and pricing conditions of transport service provider.

7. Warranty for goods and complaints
The warranty conditions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code no. 40/1964 Coll. as amended and for goods generally a two-year warranty period applies. Damaged shipment (evident damage or damage to the package) must be claimed immediately !!! at acceptance by courier or in case of delivery at post office !!! Delivered damaged goods or incomplete shipment, it is necessary to claim immediately and immediately after finding errors - preferably by email (info@beauty-effects.com). The procedure for handling the complaint will be agreed in depending on the type of error. The cost of returning the claimed goods shall be borne by the customer. When sending Replacement goods for recognized complaints no longer charge shipping charges. In the event that the delivered goods do not suit you, you can within 14 days of receipt of the shipment without specifying reason to go back and buyer no later than 14 days / after delivery of goods back and check that the product is not damaged / returns the full price of the product. Charges for the return of goods shall be borne by the buyer. The condition for refunding the customer is that the goods must not be mechanically or otherwise damaged. The seller checks this fact after receiving the returned shipment price then pay the goods to the customer's account. The customer returns the goods to the supplier by ordinary shipment (no cash on delivery, however, we recommend to insure the shipment in case of damage or loss during transport) to the address according to vendor invoices. The customer with the goods must always return the original supplier invoice (we recommend making a copy of this invoice for personal use). Claims should be sent to the address indicated on the invoice accompanying text and indicate whether the customer wishes to exchange for other goods or refund. In that case you must also include the account number to which you will be refunded if the claim is justified. State Supervisory Authority:
The Consumer Protection Supervisory Authority shall be:
1) SOI Inspectorate for Bratislava,
2) Regional Public Health Office Bratislava.

Alternative dispute resolution
1. Dear consumer. If you believe we have violated your rights or are dissatisfied with the way, to whom we have processed your claim, please send us your request for remedy to our email address: info@beauty-effects.com
2. If we refuse to respond to this request or fail to respond within 30 days of its being sent to provided email address, or you will not be satisfied with our solution, then based on of the amended Act no. 102/2014 and Act no. 391/2015 on alternative consumer solutions dispute resolution, you have the right to an alternative (extrajudicial) method of dispute resolution.
3. You may submit a petition in the manner specified pursuant to Section 12 of Act No. 391/2015 Coll. You can submit a proposal use the form, a sample of which is also available on the website of the ministry and everyone concerned the ADR entity.
4. List of subjects of alternative dispute resolution as of 10.4.2016 is here: http://www.mhsr.sk/list of entities of alternative- resolution- consumer- disputes/146987s. The consumer has the right to choose which of these ADR entities to turn to.
5. The address for submitting electronic submissions to the Slovak Trade Inspection is ars@soi.sk.
6. The ADR entity may reject a consumer's proposal, for example:
• if the quantifiable value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20
• if it is clear in all circumstances that ADR would only be possible with making disproportionate efforts and the like.
7. The consumer may also lodge a complaint through the ADR platform, available online at: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN Complaint here may be submitted by an EU consumer to an EU based trader. The costs of alternative dispute resolution shall be borne by each of the parties separately, without possibility their substitutes.
8. Information on the exercise of the consumer's right of withdrawal.
A. Right of withdrawal. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract concluded at a distance without giving a reason within 14 days. Time limit for withdrawal shall expire 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods. When exercising the right of withdrawal, please notify us of your decision by explicitly declaring this to email at info@beauty-effects.com. For this purpose, you can use the model withdrawal form at the end of this text.
B. Consequences of withdrawal. Upon withdrawal, we will refund any payments you have made to us in connection with the conclusion of the Agreement, in particular the purchase price for the goods and the cost of delivering the goods to you. This shall not apply to additional costs if: you've chosen a different delivery method than the cheapest normal delivery method we offer. Payments will be refunded to you without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the day we return the goods delivered back to our warehouse. The payment will preferably be made by remitting money to your account, or in any other agreed manner, without charging any additional fees. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer. You are also responsible for any diminution in the value of the goods as a result of the treatment other than as reasonably necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. This should match assessing the suitability of the goods as if you had chosen and tested them in the store. So the goods must remain new, undamaged, with no signs of use. You return the product in its original packaging and with protective and trade labels and vacuum cleaners, if their goods contained. Goods must also be returned with the original original invoice - which is tax document / make a photocopy for your own use /.

/ Complete and submit this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract /
Beauty-Effects s.r.o., represented by Bc. Maryana Imenova
Karpatské namestie 10A
83106 Prague
ID: 50907310

I hereby declare that I am withdrawing from this contract

the goods:................................................ .................................................. .................................................. .................
Date of receipt of the consignment / goods /: ................................
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Buyer's name and surname: ............................................. ............
Address of buyer: ............................................... .........................
I am requesting a refund for the goods by bank transfer: ........................................ ......... or otherwise:
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9. Final provision
Ownership of the delivered goods passes to the customer only after full payment of the purchase price.
Company Beauty Effects SK s.r.o. reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions. The current wording is always on in our Terms and Conditions section