My organic cosmetics

My organic cosmetics


Natural and organic cosmetics, as you know, is not the same! For cosmetics to be considered as natural, manufacturers need only label one natural ingredient in the composition! But for cosmetics to be organic - up to 98% of the natural ingredients must be presented! You see the difference! You will be interested in how this organic cosmetics are stored? It is very simple, the manufacturer uses natural preservatives, which are approved by the independent French organization EcoCert.

Now let's look at who organic cosmetics are suitable for. Above all, it is excellent care for sensitive skin, pregnant women and children! Unlike products containing silicones and parabens, organic cosmetics do not foam, have no fragrance and no dyes. In our case it is care from the All Natural Blooming and Nature Friends series.

Nature Friends - an organic line for skin-prone skin care. All products contain natural herbal ingredients. The basic ingredients are green tea leaf extract, liquorice root extract, pine needles extract, carrot seed extract, ginkgo biloba extract and brassica extract. The whole production is rich in vitamins E, B, PP. Best suited for dry skin is Nature Friends Face Oil, which contains natural vegetable squalene, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, which is rich in vitamin E, which protects collagen and elastin from degradation, and is also an excellent anti-aging preparation !