Eye cream of face cream?

Eye cream of face cream?


So - a common question is whether to buy eye cream separately or just  use a face cream for your eye area? First, let's answer the question, who needs eye cream? If you have a tendency to swell around the eye area – you need cream. The fact is that the texture of the eye cream is different from the other products we use on the face, so the eye cream will not maintain moisture in this area, so you have the chance to wake up in the morning without swelling!

Another situation - the skin around your eyes is dry and needs nourishment and moisture, while your skin type is oily and you apply light gels to your face. This is not sufficient for the area around the eyes, so use a nourishing eye cream, such as Nature Friends Eye & Nourishing Cream. It is a natural soft nourishing cream containing a natural composition: green tea leaf extract - removes swellings perfectly, liquorices glaze extract - suitable for sensitive skin, pine extract - rich in vitamins E and C, carrot extract - returns skin elasticity, brassica extract - rejuvenates the skin!

The conclusion is the only one - eye cream must be extra!